I want to remodel my kitchen and/or bathroom. Now what ?

Chances are you’ve been dreaming for a while about a new kitchen or bath, imagining how it will look, how much it will cost and when it will happen.

Kitchens and bathrooms are the most essential rooms in a home. These spaces should be beautiful, comfortable and safe, while at the same time reflecting the home owner's individual style and taste. Designing a kitchen or bath to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing takes highly specialized skills and knowledge.

One of the primary reasons a homeowner turns to a kitchen and bath designer is to translate their vision—and often their unstated or unrealized needs—into a design that maximizes the functional use of space and home.

The first step is to make your wish list. Put together any pictures or articles you might have showing styles, colors and designs you like. Take basic measurements of the area you will be working in and the placement of the current appliances, sinks, etc. See our measuring how-to guide below for helpful hints.

Whether your new kitchen or bath is something that you want to install yourself or if it is a project to be completed by our skilled Dexter Builders carpenters, our interior designer will sit down with you, come up with a design plan, help you select your cabinets, counter tops, flooring, hardware and even paint selections.

Stop in to Dexter Builders showroom and browse our showroom and consult with our own kitchen and bath design specialist.

It’s time to take the all those dreams and turn them into reality.